We are Evacu8

The UK’s leading independent fire evacuation specialists. We offer a range of services, including in depth and product specific training sessions, evacuation aids to suit your company’s personal requirements and servicing on all evacuation equipment stored within your premises.

During a fire seconds matter

Seconds can mean the difference between life and death, therefore access to fully operational and well maintained equipment is essential to ensure the safety of all visitors to your organisation.

We have developed a customer care focus ensuring the needs of your company are at the forefront of our mind at all times. We don’t just sell you equipment, we support you throughout its operational life, through training, including our top up training sessions and regular servicing. We also provide a 24 hour contact line, to ensure your queries are answered as and when needed.

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No distance is too far

We currently provide services to organisations in Scotland to Lands End, not forgetting the 660 miles in between. Based outside of the UK? Not a problem. Our services can be incorporated into any environment, organisation and location.

Orange just became green…

Not only do we feel strongly about you and your visitor’s safety, we feel it is important to offer a sustainable and renewable service.

  • With our green focus in mind, we ensure that all company vehicles are serviced and maintained by professionals to ensure minimal emissions are released
  • When supplying you with a new product, we aim to provide this in re-used packaging which allows us to reduce the level of waste emitted
  • Refurbished chairs – We also offer sales of refurbished equipment which reduces wastage of chairs that are just in need of a little TLC. We use new parts and replace the old to ensure waste is left to a minimum
  • Our office is completely self-efficient – we keep the cogs running using reusable energy
  • We choose the most environmentally friendly way to get to your premises – even if that means hopping on the bus!