Confident Training

We feel that the best way to learn is using a hands on approach with real-life scenarios, bonding your trained team and allowing a precise and dynamic group of individuals to aid any future need to evacuate your site.

With confidence and team work your company can feel safe knowing that your staff have the backing to assist with any evacuation needs.

Successful Training

Our training sessions have been devised and developed since our opening in 2005. We have never left a building without certifying each and every member of your training team. If any individual does not feel confident or shows any reservations, we will personally assist them until they have 100% trust in themselves, their team and the equipment.

We customise our training sessions to meet any Personal Evacuation Plan (PEP) within your building. Our qualified team of trainers are people handling specialists and will assist with the development of your PEP and the demonstration of correct moving techniques.

Find out more about our training courses below

Operator Training

During an operator training session, our qualified and experienced trainer will conduct a thorough, hands on training session for up to 6 people. Each session lasts 2 hours and covers all aspects of your chair, in order for your staff to obtain the relevant experience and confidence to successfully evacuate any person under any circumstances within your premises.

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Our Cascade course goes into more detail than the basic Operator Training. Within this session, you will further develop your knowledge and skills of the equipment to be able to train current and future peers to an operator standard, within a 2-year period.

This particular session lasts a minimum of 3.5 hours and allows your staff to feel assured that they have the ability and awareness to provide future detailed evacuation training. We will only qualify your staff during a Cascade course if they have shown the ability to provide efficient and accurate training to their peers.

Cascade Plus

In addition to the Cascade sessions we also offer a unique service, which allows the trainee to train peers with an experienced member of the Evacu8 team on-site.

After an extensive 3.5 hour morning training session, providing the background and knowledge needed, the trained staff will then conduct their own training session in the afternoon to further staff members, whilst having the benefit of the Evacu8 trainer overseeing the session. This ensures that all employees are receiving an efficient and informative background to enable your company to be statutory compliant with fire evacuation.

Refresher Training

All of our training certification is valid for 2 years from the date of the first training session. After this period, we offer a goodwill gesture of refresher training at a discounted rate, to allow your team to be compliant with any current legal requirements and develop their already pre-existing knowledge.

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