Evacusafe Premium

The premium drag sheet provides the same great features as the standard model, with additional support and extras to provide a smoother evacuation for the mobility impaired. Due to the adjustable head rest and foot pocket, the equipment can be used for a wide variety of passengers, including children, amputees and mobility impaired adults.

  • Special Features

    • Adjustable foot pocket, suitable for varying heights
    • Adjustable head support with head restraint
    • Side handles which assist with particularly tight landings or small spaces
    • Two body straps for securing the passenger
    • Quick release belts
    • Heavy duty, hard wearing base
  • Statistics

    Dimensions stored L75 x W65 x D25 cm (2/3 strap)
    Dimensions opened L195 x W65 x D25 cm
    Weight  5 kg
    Capacity 120 kg

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